How to find the perfect suit for summer

Posted on March 02 2019

The weather is unpredictable in Melbourne. They don’t say Melbourne has four seasons in one day for nothing! The seasons can be unpredictable too. Take today, the second day of Autumn and it’s 37 degrees! 

When you’re planning your wedding suits it’s important to take into consideration the weather. Whilst you’ll never know what the weather may turn out to be, you can be best prepared as much as possible.

So what’s the perfect suit for Summer?

There’s actually a few options. And it’s all in the fabric, style and even the suit colour. 


The ideal summer fabric will be both breathable and practical. Linen is probably the most popular because of it’s breathability and light weight. Linen naturally wrinkles easily adding to it’s charm but try opting for a linen blend that also contains cotton or wool which will still give your the linen look without the wrinkling factor.


The cotton suit is one of the most versatile choices. Giving you a refined yet casual look, that also perfect for summer. Cotton is stiffer than your wool suiting but it is also cooler. One of the most popular colors for a suit is beige but you can opt for something a little different like a baby blue.

Wool Blend

If you think wool and summer don’t belong together in the same sentence, think again. You’ll notice most suits now carry a super rating and when it comes to warmer weather you’ll want to choose something with a higher super rating (super is the fancy way of measuring the fineness of the wool). The higher the number, the finer the wool. Finer wools (like super 160) are better for warmer months but the only draw back is that they don’t hold their shape very well and require extra care. The best solution? A wool blend. This combines the durability and crease-resistance of wool with the breathable qualities of linen.

Lighter Colours

Lighter coloured suits like light blues and grey are better for Summer because they reflect the sun better than darker colours. Whilst navy, charcoal and black are classic colours, the lighter colours will help reflect heat rather than absorbing it.

Suited up specialise in tailor made suits, so whatever the occasion, suited up has the fabric in the style and colour that you’re looking for. The option to go for half lined or un lined in the construction of your suit can be discussed to keep you cooler.

The mobile service offered means you have the convenience of getting suited up in the comfort of your home. Get the right fit and advice for the perfect tailored suit at affordable prices. 


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